Dave Beynon turns coffee into stories of varying lengths and genres.

Pulp Literature Magazine: Issue No. 20

Autumn 2018 - Dave Beynon's short story, Small Town Superhero appears in this magazine of artful genre fiction. The physical magazine and e-book version are available by following this link.  People familiar with my own small town will recognize a few elements that have found their way into this story.

Lawless Lands: Tales From The Weird Frontier

June 2017 - Dave Beynon's short story, The Stranger in the Glass  appears in this anthology of weird westerns. The e-book is available for download by following this link.  A physical version of the anthology should become available in the near future.

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #21

November 2016 - Dave Beynon's short story, Pact was published in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #21.  The magazine is available in some bookstores and can be ordered in both physical and electronic formats from Amazon by following this link.


July 2016 - Dave Beynon's short story, Here There Be Monsters becomes available for download from AMAZON (follow this link: SNAFU) with the physical book due to be released August 2016.

On August 30th 2014 Dave Beynon's short story, The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife
was podcast at www.pseudopod.org.  The podcast is wonderfully read by Wilson Fowlie.  
Follow this link and enjoy...
Daily Science Fiction
On May 9th 2014 Dave Beynon's short story, The Last Repairman was featured
on the Daily Science Fiction website and e-mailed to their 8,500 subscribers.
You can read The Last Repairman by following this link.
Tesseracts Seventeen
Featuring Dave Beynon's short story, The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife
Available from select book stores October 2013 and from Amazon
Evolve Two
Featuring Dave Beynon's short story, Symbiosis
Now available from select book stores and from Amazon
See what people are saying about Symbiosis here


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